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Autres: dream
Posté par: Matthew Dull sur 18 févr 2016 15:36

I am going to told you my dream. One time someone ask me one stupid thing.

Would you like to come to a club with us “I say” yes what kind of club racing. That is crazy that will kill me in the soul man. This take place at Nevada sport car club. Are you going to bet you if I win you have to buy me Sport car it in to be best one if you don’t do it I have to kick your butt me the other race. My club vs our club. He say what is your club name. I told it call the White and Red. What is color of white of joy, love and happiness and the red stand for the blood of the lord who die on the cross and died to? One more color is black is darkness when to world was dark at night. That is when satin come out to overpower all the lord people. Yes he is Mormon. I ask him that you should not ask. Red White and blue the American flag. That is why that I was driving a dodge viper the newest one had a V12 engine with 2000 horse power in it. My friend was driving Nissan Skyline GT-R with v 8 engine with it 1,999 horse power it. We started in Japan there is little problem we have to race 100,000 racer in the whole world that is the hugest race in the world. Someone is going to look at your car join your team. One name Jimmy Johnson who drive 48 number who join me to and his teammate to and the pit team. It was crazy thing is going to happen in this amazing race. It was the time to race all the racer are really the person told racer start your engine. All the people was going to go for me and the other people was going for me friend. This race was about one year race it was the crazy it all lot of racer. One on our car had guns on the cars and cops going to take us to jail to. I was A home from the mission for a year that my friend to join him with racing club. It was one on one in the race we are USA at Phoenix airport when the air plane takeoff heard something I am a cop in this dream guy it was at the end of the race my 200,000 cop team was at the end for the road I was gone I was hiding to get my friend I was looking for about ten year he was on the hit run list. I put my friend for life time in jail. He got out from jail again. It was not the same person that I meet before.

That is amazing dream last night

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