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Roar Grindheim Hi Lon
I live 1 hour from Haugesund(north)Small island.
My family and wife-comes from up north of Norway.
But I know,-From Haugesund area and Karmoy-lot of families went to the US,
Have a nice day
il y a 5 ans
Roar Grindheim Hi Lon
Thank you for thinking of us in this terrible times.
We are a small country,so we all know someone.
Someone who have family or friends,who are related to the victims.
Anyway this "terrorist"was a reel norwegian,but he did not like our politic.We are to frindly to muslims.
He would like to change our system.
His hobby was playing wargames on internet
People around him said he was a nice guy,quiet,always in the background,helpfull,so they could not understand what happend to him.
But he had a system,he put everything into internet few hours before his terrible action.
anyway,-things in Norway will be ,-before and after the 22 of juli 2011.
Our system will be the same-An open country.
il y a 4 ans
Lon Peterson Hello Roar,
The State of Minnesota grieves with you. We are still attached to our homeland even though our ancestors left 100 to 150 years ago. We still have a soft spot in our hearts for Norway and the Norwegian people. I hope none of your family was touched by this madness but I think it matters not if we had a family member killed as this is a crime against all humanity.

il y a 4 ans