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TB Dwayne,

I have your seventh generation grandmother as well as your 8th generation folks in my tree.

Sarah "Sally" Crouch, born 1744, died October 4, 1822, was married to Benjamin Knight, born December 26, 1744, died July 4, 1801.

Sarah's parents were Joseph Crouch, born May 24, 1699 in Boston, Massachusetts, (no death date) who married Mary Snelling, born June 20, 1677 in Boston, Massachusetts Colony (also no death date).

Her parents were William Snelling and Margaret Rogers.

Going the other direction, Sarah Crouch's daughter, Mary "Molly" Knight married Aaron Slade, Jr.

Their son, Alfred, is my great great great grandfather.

Feel free to peruse the site for more information.

Happy hunting!

Tim Blosser
il y a 6 ans
Sherry Thanks
il y a 4 ans
Susan JONES Pentico Wow and my cousin is a PEASE Researcher. WE share SWEET.
contact clanroots@gmail.com
I also have ROOT.
il y a 4 ans
Carl Peter Jonathan Horner Thank you for all the information in your/our family tree, it's very much appreciated. I admire your photo, you make a mighty fine and homely couple.
Kindly regards, Carl Horner.
il y a 4 ans
Dwayne Bair Thank you for the comments. We are all just one big family. Kindly regards, Dwayne Bair
il y a 4 ans
Christine Rolph I would like to add the information you have for my Father Orville John Rolph, married to Inger Christina Dana Nelson Rolph. However Orville Layle Rolph is their eldest son and not her partner. The rest of the family is as follows:

1- Son - Orville Layle

2- Daughter - Chere' Rolph McGhie

3- Son - Neild Rolph

4- Daughter- Nyla Rolph (Hansen first marriage) Glover

5- Daughter- Sharon Rolph Fullmer

6- Daughter- Diantha Rolph
(Kelker first marriage)
(Green 2nd marriage)

7- Daughter- Christine Rolph Boozer
( Bindrup 1st marriage )

I hope this will help. How are you related to the Rolph line? I would be interested to know.
Thank You Christine
il y a 2 ans
Vonzeal Marie Sanford Thank you for the help. I can help you to. Here is my email address vonzeals2004@yahoo.com.
il y a 2 ans
David Ferdinand Begin Dorothy Ingersoll #1 & #2
There are two Dorothy Ingersoll. Big challenge.
#2 born May 20 1854: father and Step mother both died in Westfield, Hampden, Mass.
#2 Dorothy died at 18 years of age in same town.
How? Perhaps of childbirth.
#1 Dorothy was married to Jacob Phelps and had six children. Jacob was married to Dorothy May 2 1673 after demise of #2. Reason all who had Phelps for a spouse were rejected, some 17 matches.
Search of 20 Dorothy on MyHeritage revealed another spouse, Mr. Root.
So if #2 died in childbirth, she was married to a Mr. Root.
As to the parents of #1 big ???, as Dorothy #2 were John George Ingersoll and Dorothy Lord.
il y a 2 ans