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Looking for Information on James Walker
Amber Curtis
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I'm trying to research my biological grandfather's family. I know very little about them, unfortunately. Here are some things I do know:

His name is James Allan or Allen Walker but goes by Jimmy

Born between 1935 and 1943

Married twice, Serella May Cooper then to Alta

May have been born in Louisiana but I'm not sure

He had two daughters; one by Serella name Guenitta Lynn; the other by Alta who was Sheri. Sheri died in September 2005

He has brothers and sisters but I only know a few of their names; Irma, Betty Marie, Brenda

His father died between 1965 and 1968 and mother died between those times too, I believe. Father's name was Happy Walker. Don't know if that was a nickname or not

Has a stepmother by the name of Nina

Any help would be greatly appreciative. Thank you

Amber Curtis
Dayton, TX
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