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Karry K. Pallo
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I would like to request your assistance in doing some family history research. I'm trying to trace John Pallo Sr. (date of birth 10/8/1888) from his arrival in the US to his homeland in Europe.  What would really help is a copy of his birth certificate. I don't have one and don't know where to get it.  If any of you have a copy of John Pallo Sr.'s birth certificate, could you please make a copy and mail it to me. (Or scan and email).  The only information I have is based off of US Immigration and Naturalization papers.
Here is what I know:
Oct 8, 1888
Gortaly - Templin, AUSTRIA
US Dept. of Labor form states b-day is 20th day of Sept 1988
to Mary Yuhas (also seen spelled Juhas)
Apr 20, 1914
St. Cyril & Methodrics Church, K.C.K., Sugar Creek, MO
to USA from Fiume, Austria - Adriatic port of Fiume (known in Croatia as Rijeka), on the vessel Slavonia, my last foreign residence was Gortaly Templin, Austria, Arrived at port of New York on or about the 3rd of November 1906 (date could be 30th)
Certificate of Citizenship
No. 3665380 Petition No. 6377 issued 4th June 1934 aged 45 race: Slovak Former Nationality: Czechoslovak
The paperwork lists his Father as George Pallo and his Mother as Anna Polack.
If you are a history buff, maybe you can help me track down the town: Gortaly - Templin, Austria. From the research I've done Templin appears to be a city in Germany, but I'm not sure how the country or empire lines were in 1888.
I'd really like to make a connection to Europe.
Karry K. Pallo
Bolingbrook, IL
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