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Hello everyone,


I've already sent a message in another section of the website. Unfortunatly, I haven't receive any answer yet... I thought maybe I should send it here again. 


So I've been using Myheritage for a couple of years now. I've created a new website a year ago where I've built my family tree. Everything has been working perfectly. But now I can't add people anymore (I'm basic not premium ) . So I've decided to carry on building the family tree on Family Tree Builder. 

For that I need to download my family tree from the website, export it to Gedcom . I really can't buil everything from the very beginning , as it took me a very very very long time to create the latest version I have. 

I have tried so many times, but I still don't receive my family tree. The message says your family tree has been created succesluly, and we will send it to you once it's ready, or something like that. Everytime I try, I get the same message, but I still haven't received my family tree via email. 


I really need it. I put too much work and time to create it. 


Can anyone please help me; 


Thank you very much. 


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