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Depuis :16 janvier 2008 (Il y a 7 ans)

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Kunal Mehta Nitin kaka: Our anniversary is on Jan 28 (not Jan. 27.).

And I promise I will email you my pic this w-end.

Hope rest all's well.
il y a 5 ans
NITIN SHETH Hey Sorry for the goof up.
Will update it asap. Meanwhile await your pics.
Thanks for bringing it to my notice.
il y a 5 ans
Kalpana Shah (Kothari) thanks for the sahil's birthday wishes. he turned 17. growing up fast. i remember when he was a baby! alas he will always be my baby. now i know why mother in laws still treat their sons like babies!!!!
il y a 5 ans
Dipa Sheth (Gajjar) thanks Nitin...
il y a 4 ans