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Depuis :24 janvier 2012 (Il y a 3 ans)
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Commentaires :
Ronald Spokes Hi Colleen, thanks for the help with Mary Kenyon i filled in the dates etc but you quite welcome to go look in my tree see if i got it right.

I have been using the Spokes Family book by Irene Spokes, Zappelli. for the pc. I never realised how hard it is for people who do these things research and so on.

I appreciate it and those who do. for without them a lot of history would be lost of various familys and events.
Thanks heaps,
Ronald T Spokes, Camperdown Vic.
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colleen prentice I too appreciate the research people do. I am very grateful for help. Sometimes there are different dates etc. for people, but there is usually someone with hands on knowledge, it is not easy. I will go to your tree. Thank you.

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Carolyn McCreight Hi, Colleen, I am glad to meet you.
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colleen prentice Hi Carolyn,
It is nice to meet you too.
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Lawrence Weber Jr would be interested to know what possible connection is to my Weber-Dryer family?
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María Pilar de Olivar Vivó aviso: especificaré en fuentes o citas las suposiciones, y ñ tras el nombre para una buena visual.
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