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Âge :La quarantaine
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 Etats-Unis d'Amérique
Depuis :30 mars 2009 (Il y a 6 ans)
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il y a 6 ans
gary wayne yetter JOHANNES YETTER,B.APR 1 1724,stuttgart germany
son lodowick ludwig mar 1748/49
jacob I yetter apr 10 1769
ludwig yetter feb 25 1798
joseph yetter dec 15 1839
orvil farris yetter
harold raymond yetter 1936
gary wayne yetter 8/15/1953
il y a 6 ans
Sherry jenkins Where does your Jenkins connection begin? Which State/Counrty?
Mine is Roy W. Jenkins-Michigan
il y a 5 ans
Maggie McTaggart Stop spamming the rootsweb message boards!
il y a 5 ans
Maggie McTaggart Spamming the rootsweb boards again today, I see.
il y a 5 ans
Maggie McTaggart Spamming rootsweb again, I see. Keep proving you're just a spammer; everyone there is too smart to buy from you anyway.
il y a 4 ans
Maggie McTaggart Spamming rootsweb again as "WalterWilner." Gee, can't you do anything constructive with your time?
il y a 4 ans
Patricia wolf researching the twitchel family from michigan
mabel twitchel born 4-17-1880 sisters mary adeline and almira are you related to this family
il y a 4 ans
Tonya Upton Thank you
il y a 3 ans
Sandra Gomez here is my email ( lonelysandra200@yahoo.com )i will also send you my pitures for you to know more about my heritage.
il y a 2 ans