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Phillips family in North Carolina. married to Jane Bird, dau of Richard Sr, and Charity McCullar
Billie Chapman
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I would like to research the family of Richard Sr. Bird, and Charity McCullar/McCullen who had a daughter named Jane. Jane was born about the 1780 era in this family. She married a person by the last name of Phillips who literally disappeard. He had to favor the Tory side of the American Revolutionary War.  He and Jane had 1 known son, William Phillips, born 1797 and married Susan Dunn from Baldwin County(father was Stephen Dunn of Edgecombe County, N.C.) I have all 9 children that were a product of this marriage. I just can not find the father of this "surname Phillips", the husband of this Jane Bird.

He had to have died in some battle, or incident by the year 1803, because Jane Phillips re-married a person by the last name of Hicks, and this was Joseph Sr. Hicks, a noted friend, and a Tory, and lived as a husband only 2 years- or til about 1804/1805, and died in N.C.  He followed Richard Sr. Bird wherever he went.  Then, Jane Hicks,(now) migrated with her father, Richard Sr, Bird, and mother/Charity McCullen, with Theophilius Goodwin, and the Spivey family thru North Carolina, and South Carolina, because of the Bill of Attainder , an edict which forced out the Tories. They either had to move, or suffer the consequences. They would or could have been tortured, or physically hurt, or shipped back to England. Their land, and property; houses, farms, were taken, and sold.  This info plus the Central Alabama Genealogy, and the Patriarchs is the info about this family. But, it does not state who the husband of Jane Bird is.

Also, in the N.C. archives, there is no marriage bond recorded. This is partly due to the fact the Randolph County Courthouse was burned in the Revolutionary War. Other sources may be , but I have not located such. Needed are records from other families, or bibles, or letters.. This would be first hand information, and first hand documents.

Thank you. This particular family which in the DNA, is one in itself, and is not kin to any other in a 1000 years. This name is a Patrynomic name,  which means that this goes back to the time of the Norman French Invasion. There are no records of knights, no records of names in battles. But, in the Battle of Creecy, this would have been the first war in the Hundred Years War.  If there are any records,  this is a start, but that is all.

The domesday book, does not list as such. There are hearth rolls, and taxes in the 1300's.  They do not list such in England. The only other names are to search the actual records in England.

Thank you. 

Billie Chapman
Perry, GA
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